EGF National Junior Development Program Powered By Golf DXB

EGF National Junior Development Program Powered By Golf DXB

Golf DXB is proud to be partnered with the Emirates Golf Federation, the national governing body for golf in the UAE. The aim of this partnership is to promote the game at a grass roots level through activations within schools and in the local community. From here children have the opportunity to learn golf free of charge through introductory classes teaching basic golf technique and the key principles of the game. From here children who show a strong willingness to learn  have the opportunity to progress to the foundation squad gaining on course playing experience with the view to talented golfers progressing to the UAE National Development Squads, with the opportunity to represent their countries as they continue to excel in the game.

In School Taster Sessions

Golf DXB has working relationships with the following schools:

  • Al Itihad (Jumeirah)
  • Al Khaleej
  • Dubai Modern Education School (Mirdiff)
  • Modern Skills School
  • Dubai Arabian American Private School
  • Dubai National School (Al Twar)


Through these relationships Golf DXB works closely with sports leaders, physical education leaders and activity co-ordinators to organize the following activities:


  • PE Lesson Golf Taster Sessions: 1 hour taster sessions within PE lessons offer a fantastic introduction to the game. The use of short golf equipment ideal for introducing key fundamentals of grip, aim stance and posture through fun team based activities.
  • In School Extra Curricular Activity: 1 hour afterschool sessions offering a comprehensive introduction to the game looking at putting, chipping, pitching and full swing. This program also introduces the concept of the game helping children gain an understanding for areas of the golf course, format of play and basic rules of golf.
  • Out Of School Extra Curricular Activity At Meydan: As a progression from the in school extra curricular activities children have the opportunity to develop there skills further through weekly classes at the golf course. For the majority of the children this will be the first introduction to metal clubs. Instruction is kept very basic and sessions are a combination of team based activities and formal golf instruction.

5:30pm Classes At Meydan

The 5:30pm classes at Meydan form the cornerstone of the EGF NJDP powered by Golf DXB. With five sessions per week these sessions offer flexibility to children who have taken an interest in the game through in school activities to pursue the game further. The sessions focus on formal golf tuition with the view to preparing children’s golf games so that they are competent on the Meydan six hole short golf course and ready to progress to the Foundation Squad.

EGF Foundation Squad

The Foundation Squad is comprised of  15 students who have excelled through the 5:30pm class. These students train separately from the remainder of the group with Golf DXB Senior PGA Golf Professional Aaron Williams and are also overseen by UAE National Team Coaches Greg Holmes and David Condon. Members of the squad focus on set up fundamentals, swing mechanics, course management and the development of short game control. Children in the squad are provided with golf shirts, caps, golf clubs and shoes by the EGF and also take part in one on course lesson once per week at The Track, Meydan Golf. The long term goal for these students is to progress to the UAE National Development Squads and Teams with the view to representing the UAE at the highest level possible.

Meet Our Foundation Squad

Field Response
Name Yousef Faisal
Mobile Number  
USKG Height 63
Shoe Size 39
How You Found Out About Us  
Previous Golfing Experience  
Time Frame SMART Target
2 weeks Change grip to improve wrist hinge on backswing
4 weeks Develop connection with arms and body
8 weeks Improve all short game skills


Area Description
Carry Distance 100
Total Distance 110
Swing Characteristics Excessive wrists on backswing, arms disconnected form body
Ball Flight Tendancies Inconsitent shots
Area Description
Carry Distance 80
Total Distance 90
Swing Characteristics excessive wrists on backswing, arms disconnected form body
Ball Flight Tendancies Inconsitent shots
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