Golf Scholarship

Throughout the 2016/2017 season golf scholarships will be awarded to children of all ages from 6-19. The initiative is part of a vision from Golf DXB to provide structured pathways for children taking them from beginner to mastery and has been supported by our sponsors IP Global, Acuma and the PGA.

Without the support of the sponsors the opportunity to award these scholarships would not off been possible so it is for this reason we would like to thank IP Global, Acuma and PGA for their continued support with our vision to create these pathways for juniors and grow the game across the UAE.

The Golf Scholarships were awarded to certain competitors of the International Golf Junior Championship who were observed and excelled in performance, attitude, on course behaviour and etiquette, physical attributes and technical ability.

The golf scholarships will be delivered by Golf DXB Professionals and will focus on the provision of specialist coaching in technical ability, psychological, physical training programs and also course management. Children will initially be assessed by one of our coaches to identify areas of strength/weakness. From this the Golf DXB professional will develop a strategy to improve areas of weakness through weekly coaching sessions, practice plans and on course sessions.

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