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12 Feb 2017

Why should your child get involved in competition?

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The thought of their child competing can stir many emotions for parents.

In a culture where children are constantly tested, evaluated and examined under a spotlight;

Should we just let children play without comparison?

I suspect that rather than competition being the issue, it is the culture of comparing our children to others that can cause problems. Competition should be about self-development and confidence building, with a focus on self-progress and personal achievements rather than looking at others.  

Why can’t achieving a personal goal or bettering your own scores be enough?

I think that we can forget the real benefits of competition when it is taken too seriously and focus changes from the individual to those around them. Benefits such as camaraderie, confidence boosting, team working and the joy of sharing in either your own or friends victories should be the focus of competition – not comparison to others. Aside from this, competing can often be a good reflection of what life after school may feel like.

Skills like dealing with pressure, coping with failure and the determination required to work hard for a goal are all real-word attributes that can be nurtured in the world of competition. Take it from someone who spent many years competing in high level sport – the experience stays with you into adulthood and I feel that it gave me the advantage in many practical situations. Whether it was taking exams, attending interviews, managing a team or setting my own career goals, many of these skills were developed through sport and competition.

That’s why our tournaments at Golf DXB are designed to allow children to develop these skills, along with experiencing the joy of playing out on the course. Yes it’s feels great to win but we’re more interested in getting all of our children to experience the confidence boost and enjoyment felt when you can just achieve your own goals and share in everyone’s success.

If you want to have a chat about getting your child into one of our tournaments just give us a call on +971507772925 or drop us an email at

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