27 Nov 2016

Mixing Business with Golf in the UAE – Should you get involved?

There is no shortage of business opportunities in the UAE and I’ve found that this is definitely a place where knowing the right contact can open doors and jumpstart business ideas. The amount of new business relationships that I’ve seen formed on the driving range and on the putting green is astonishing, even if your game isn’t quite on form…


As I’m sure you all know, forming any kind of relationship can be tough. Especially when so much weight is given to first impressions; you need to build trust, hone communication skills and cultivate loyalty. I’ve found that suggesting a round of golf with a new or potential client is far easier than getting them to come in for a meeting in a board room. Unfortunately though there’s still a lot of people who carry golfing insecurities that can put them off taking full advantage of this networking opportunity. For example you may be wondering whether your short game will crumble under the pressure of performing in front of a client or just simply be worried that the game may never end due to your high handicap! Luckily there’s no need to panic.

Thankfully your future clients aren’t actually judging you on your ability to play the game but will be more impressed by the way you handle yourself around the course. Confidence, honesty, positivity, intuitiveness and approachability are just a few of the attributes that any client is looking for in a future business partner. If you can demonstrate these as you get yourself around the green, your client will get a good impression of what you and your company are about and feel more confident in signing that all important contract. Although we’d all like to deny it, sometimes business isn’t always based solely on the facts and figures and a ‘gut feeling’ often comes into play. Have you ever stopped a deal going forward because it didn’t ‘feel right’ or because you felt that the other person didn’t fit in with you and your company’s values? I’ve noticed that in the UAE there is still a large amount of business that is built on an initial ‘good feeling’ about a person.

Putting it simply, the golf course is a great place to network and really get to know someone. So next time you need to meet an important client, how about doing on the golf course instead?

Thanks for reading, if you’d like to arrange a corporate golf day for you and your staff/ clients, please email contact@golfdxb.com. All comments and questions appreciated!

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