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26 Jan 2017

Golf Made Easy with GolfLan

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Nowadays everything is on demand, online, instant. Taxi? Uber. Food? Deliveroo. The list of quick digital solutions to everyday life goes on. Golf has finally got the message.

Tee time booking used to be one of my all time pet hates. I don’t know how we put up with the old archaic system for so long. The long waits on the phone, only to be told to come back tomorrow or next weekend or that I’d left it too late to book. Never mind having to ring round half the courses in the UAE if I wanted something last minute. You can only imagine how badly this sometimes ends.

Yas Links at 6am on a Friday? Sure, I can’t face ringing anywhere else. We’ve all been there.

Especially being a Golf Pro, people seem to automatically think that I have the keys to every major golf course in the Middle East.You get to know a lot of people in the golf world but sadly finding a tee time still applies, much to the amazement of my friends and family. The worst part of this whole process was that the task used to hang over me for most of the week with the pressure growing each day. I’ve even had times where I’ve just been too busy and not had the chance to ring around, often ending in golf that weekend being cancelled or postponed.

Thankfully the future of tee time booking has arrived and its digital. Business in London but want to book your round in for the weekend in Dubai when you get back? No longer an issue. It’s amazing really how something that used to be so difficult can now be made so simple with the clever people behind companies such as GolfLan. No waiting, just type your favourite course in and book your time in under 2 minutes. You can even pay online, meaning that all you need to worry about when you get to the golf course is that fade you keep hitting with your driver.

Golf LAN isn’t just restricted to the UAE either, with bases in Singapore, Malaysia and now America, the world of golf is really opening up and becoming much more accessible. I hope that this new way of booking means that people are no longer dissuaded by the hastle of finding a tee time and that more people will actually get out on the course and playing. Good news not only for the player but for the courses as well. I’ve come around to this new way of booking so much that Golf DXB has actually partnered with GolfLan to raise awareness of this easy way to get out on the course.

Learn with Golf DXB; play with GolfLan.


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