UAE Interschool League

4 Nov 2015

UAE Interschool League

On Thursday 29th October we were extremely proud to host the first UAE interschool golf tournament. The UAE interschool golf league helps to give children an avenue to compete at, which can help with increased levels of enjoyment and can help motivation as they look to beat their previous score. It also helps us to create a stronger link between all the schools and get them closer to golf by giving them this platform to compete and represent themselves on. The interschool league will also help to instil the correct manner to conduct them, such as correct etiquettes, and understanding of the rules.


Our first event took place at Meydan golf course and was played over 9 holes from 3 varying tee lengths. The event was extremely well supported with over 70 juniors participating and over 25 schools being represented.

Prizes on the day were awarded to the top 3 individuals from each tee and the top 3 schools.

Division 1 Divison 2 Division 3 School Winners
1st Liam Mullen (EC) 1st Ruairi Cooper (JPS) 1st Lorenzo Lironi (GIS Al Khali) 1st JPS
2nd Sean Cooper (JPS) 2nd Lorenzo Signorelli (WPS) 2nd Jesper James Frei (GIS Al Khali) 2nd WPS ECA
3rd Lewis Logan (Kings Al Barsha) 3rd Adam Campbell (JPS) 3rd Ombeline De Lassus (JPS) 3rd WIS


IMG_3511  IMG_3516

We would like to thank everyone who supported the event and helped in making it a great success. We look forward to hosting the next event on November 26th.

The tournament on November the 26th will also see us open it up for the beginners in our program. We will be using the short golf course also located at Meydan, helping us to give children their first experience and taste of competition for all levels.

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