Our Pathways

After you have been introduced to us, through the Tee It Up Scheme, UAE Golf Launch or otherwise, your child will flow into one of the three segments below, all of which offer pathways for optimal learning, development and future success. Please click on the different pathways to find out more about where your child is headed!

Tee It Up

Taster Session


Golf DXB Teams are comprised of some of our most experienced golfers from as well as some golfers who have progressed very quickly through our ranks. These golfers are of ability where they are able to consistently score a maximum of 6 around our gold par 3 tees. Members of our golf team groups have the opportunity to compete in The Golf DXB Interschool Series with monthly events (September-May).

Pair 3 Series


Tee It Up

Taster Session

Development Squads

GOLF DXB development squads are comprised of our golfers who have already had a comprehensive introduction to the game of golf with a basic understand of:

Golf Set Up:  Grip, AimStance and Posture

Golf Shot Types: Putting, ChippingPitching, Full Swing

Members of our development squads have the opportunity to play the Golf DXB Short Golf Series with monthly events (September-May). Members of our development squads are able to progress to our golf teams when they demonstrate a sufficient level of power, accuracy and control required to score a 6 shots or better from our gold tee par 3 holes

Short Golf Tournaments

Golf DXB have created the first ever Short Golf Course in the UAE. This tailor made par 33 course is specifically designed for the use of short golf equipment with hole lengths ranging from 30-50 yards allows younger golfers and beginner golfers the stepping stones needed to progress to Tournament Golf with metal clubs on the Championship Courses.

Tee It Up

Taster Session

Get Into Golf Groups

Our signature Get Into Golf Programs are ran at The Track, Meydan Golf as well as within select schools. Through the use of exclusively Short Golf Equipment, these sessions offer fun, active and engaging sessions that allow children to get active, develop fundamental movement skills and learn the basics of golf technique required in order to progress to our Development Squads. The use of the Short Golf Clubs provides a much more achievable, relatable and fun format for coaching than traditional methods employed by 95% of academy’s.

By enrolling your child to our Get Into Golf Programme you will be giving your child the perfect introduction to golf and allow them to progress whilst having fun and developing a passion for the sport. Our young athletes will be able to progress to development squads when they show the power, accuracy and control required to consistently score triple bogey (3 over par) or better on the Golf DXB short golf course.

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