White Level Template


White Level

  • Name:
  • Ability:¬†White
  • Date of birth:
  • Started golf:
UAE national team golfers with trophies

Shot Making Skills

Challenge Result
Hole two 2′ putts out of 4
Hole two 4′ putts out of 4
Hole two 7′ putts out of 4
Hole one 11′ putt out of 4
Hit two 20′ putts out of 4
attempts into a 6′ radius
Hit two 30′ putts out of 4
attempts into a 9′ radius
Hit 2 out of 4 10 yard chips
into a 9 square yard target
Hit 2 out of 4 16 yard chips
into a 16 square yard target
Hit 2 out of 4 30 yard pitch
shots into a 36 square yard
Hit a full shot at least 130 yards
2/6 9 irons, 2/6 6 irons & 2/6
drives through a target
3/6 shots either high, low, draw
or fade
Hit shots from from uneven
lies and predict flight

Golf Technique

Challenge Result
Demonstrate various stance
width based on shot
Demonstrate rotation without
excessive vertical movement
Demonstrate a wrist motion
based on swing style
Demonstarte good release
and impact position
Demonstrate alterations for
uphill/downhill lies
Understand and demonstrate
high/low chip shots
Develop a pre shot routine


Challenge Result
Understand rules for all
Demonstrate correct pace
of play

Playing Skills

Challenge Result
Scoring average below 24 over
par on modified course
Average 30% for GIR
Average 40 putts or less
Average 25% scrambling within
10 yards of green
Complete the short golf course
in 20 strokes or under
Shoot 36 or under from white
tees in a tournament

Golf Specific Fitness

Challenge Result
Push ups & horizontal pull
ups- 18
Plank & bridge- 120 seconds
Vertical jump- 13 inches
Chest pass & sit up and
throw- 12 feet
505 agility- less than 4.4 sec


Tournament Result
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