Yellow Level Template


Yellow Level

  • Name:
  • Ability:¬†Yellow
  • Date of birth:
  • Started golf:
UAE national team golfers with trophies

Shot Making Skills

Challenge Result
Hole 2 2′ putts out of 4 attempts
Hole 1 7′ putt out of 4 attempts
Hit one 10 yard chip into a
4 yard target out of 4 attempts
Hit one greenside bunker shot
out of 5 attempts onto the green
Hit 6 irons and 6 drivers and get
3 through a target
Demonstrate ideas on how to
alter trajectory
Explain the concept of breaking
putt into two halves
Complete 3 hole putting course in
9 strokes or under
Hit a full shot 80 yards

Golf Technique

Challenge Result
Demonstrate a neutral grip
Correct allignment with no aids
Correct posture with neutral
Hands & club swinging on
circular arc
Full weiht shift with trail foot
showing all spikes
Correct ball position for iron
Body rotation with no excessive
lateral movement
Demonstrate basic technique
for a pitch shot
Understand how to control
distance on a putt


Challenge Result
White, Red & Yellow stakes
Putting and sand trap
Speed of play and play
ready golf
Provisional ball

Playing Skills

Challenge Result
Discuss strategies for negotiating
different holes
Average 3 putts per hole or less
on course
Score 12 over par or less on 6 hole
Player gets up and down once out
of 5 attempts
Shoot 45 or under in tournament
on yellow tees

Golf Specific Fitness

Challenge Result
8 push ups
80 second plank and bridge in
good form
Vertical jump- 8 inches
Chest pass and sit up throw
7 feet
505 agility test- less than 4.9sec


Tournament Result
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